At tonebase, we have a firm belief that knowledge is meant to be shared. The passing down of information from one generation to the next is the only way a culture can continue to develop and grow.

Nowhere is this more true than in music. Without a great teacher, students at every skill level cannot progress sufficiently. That is why it is crucial for all students to have access to the best instructors possible through every stage of their musical development. Unfortunately, for too long, the knowledge of the world's greatest musicians has been accessible to only a select few - those with the necessary talent and funds to attend the most elite universities and conservatories.

At tonebase, our mission is to change that standard by democratizing high-level music education around the world. By combining music, passion, and technology, we aim to build the go-to resource for anyone learning an instrument anywhere.

Our Story

tonebase began when two classical guitarists, Igor Lichtmann and Chris Garwood, met at the Yale School of Music where they were both studying with Ben Verdery. Together, they came up with the idea of creating instructional videos with the world's greatest guitarists and sharing them on the internet so that students everywhere could view them at an affordable price.

After several failed attempts on Chris's behalf at learning how to code, they decided to do things the right way and started looking for a technical co-founder who felt equally passionate about democratizing music education. Enter Abhi Nayar, a Computer Science in the Arts and Economics major at Yale University as well as a hobbyist musician himself!

Since joining forces in March 2017, the three of them have been set on this quest. While at times, it has spread them across the world - India, Germany, New York, and California (no joke!) - they are now gathered together in their current location of San Francisco, CA. The very first tonebase employee, Andrew Evren, joined the team at Yale last spring, and we are actively looking for more passionate team members to come on board and make tonebase the go-to platform for music education online!

We're a passionate group of musicians, coders, and history buffs and are looking for awesome people to help us redefine online music education. If you're interested in joining us on this journey, take a look at our current open positions! View open positions →

  • Abhi NayarContact AbhiAbhi Nayar | tonebase Team MemberAbhi is Technical Lead and Cofounder at tonebase. You can find him in a hoodie, with his headphones turned on to country music and socked feet resting in some (incredibly comfortable) nike sandals.
  • Andrew EvrenContact AndrewAndrew Evren | tonebase Team MemberAndrew is employee #1 and product manager at tonebase. In his off-time, he's trying to Manage a few other Projects, including songwriting and music production.
  • Chris GarwoodContact ChrisChris Garwood | tonebase Team MemberChris, one of the two guitar guys in the group, is in charge of content curation which means he's watched every single lesson and has learned literally everything there is to know about the classical guitar. Too bad he has that long-term memory problem...
  • Igor LichtmannContact IgorIgor Lichtmann | tonebase Team MemberIgor does content strategy and artist management at tonebase. When not lifting and exploring California's craft beer scene (which goes together quite well) Igor's a retired death metal player turned classical guitarist.

We are located in San Francisco, CA. If you want to get in touch with us please email us at

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